Yugamiru Cloud PRO

Yugamiru Cloud PRO

Yugamiru Cloud PRO Subscription Options

Yugamiru Cloud is a healthcare IT solution that easily measures the balance between the body and muscles, enables you to recommend exercises and provide highly persuasive advices.

When you buy Yugamiru Cloud, you will be able to download the software and we will send the accessories:

Software: Yugamiru cloud (Direct download)

Accessories Mat and markers (Postal)

You can find more information about delivery on our Specified Commercial Transactions page.

Minimum system requirement:
- Memory: 4GB.

- Disk space: 600MB.

Mac OS version are not supported.

Windows XP,Windows Vista and below are not supported.

Mobile device are not supported (only on PC).

Yugamiru Lite

Yugamiru Lite

Yugamiru Lite Subscription Options

Yugamira Cloud Lite

Yugamiru Cloud - Subscription Option

3 Months
Yugamiru Cloud Pro 3 months Subscription
6 Months
Yugamiru Cloud Pro 6 months Subscription
1 Year
Yugamiru Cloud Pro 1 Year Subscription
Yugamiru Cloud Pro Permanent Subsscription
2 Years
10% Discount($16000)
Yugamiru Cloud Pro 2 Year Subscription

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